About Us

We are located on Denman Island in British Columbia. Denman is one of the Northern Gulf Islands, located between Vancouver Island and the west coast of mainland British Columbia. It has become our practice to support community and arts projects and to contribute services to as many projects imperative to the well being of the community as possible.

We serve a wide area including all of Vancouver Island, all of the smaller coastal islands, the Sunshine Coast area and we have also worked in the lower mainland and in the interior of the province.

Offering a wide selection of ground water services, we are able to supply professional help for your entire project or assist your engineer, architect or  contractor with your project. We frequently assist with developing projects as well as helping real estate buyers in determining whether or not properties are suitable for their needs.

The world of people working to keep the ground water of our area safe and clean is small. We interact constantly with others who design, install and maintain water and wastewater systems in our province and are active in the Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. In addition we have good relationships with people in the BC Ministries and local governing agencies.

Recently, in conjunction with North Island Laboratories we have been working to educate the public regarding living with onsite water and wastewater systems.

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Aerial view of a small pristine lake reflecting the blue sky and the yellow fall colors of the desicuous trees surrounding it.Photo of Steve Carballeira and Elaine Head standing in the rain forest on a chilly day.

Steve Carballeira

& Elaine Head

Owners & Operators

“Committed to protecting your environment.”